Is SNMP protocol supported in MbedOS

Hi, I would like to use the snmp protocol in my application but I don’ t find any information about this feature in mbed os. Is already present ? Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks

SNMP can be implemented using a UDP socket, which exists in Mbed OS. I found this library which seems to implement this (though it needs to be updated to Mbed 6).

@silvio There is no direct support for the SNMP protocol in Mbed OS. It is supported by the underlying stack - LwIP - but it is not used and exposed by high level API.

The library linked by @MultipleMonomials seems to be inspired by an arduino library:

Thanks for the fast responses.
@vcoubard I had asked precisely because I had noticed that lwip had it but had found no information on how to use it. So I have to write it myself.
Thanks for suggestions.