Issue with lack of hardware support causing mbed_hal-reset_reason test failure

Re-raising this issue from here:

During the mbed_hal-reset_reason greentea test the device is reset using DAP and the test expects to see a PIN_RESET reason upon reset. The Cypress PSoC6 hardware does not support a reset reason for a DAP reset and is therefore unable to differentiate between a DAP reset and a basic power on. Would it be advisable for the test to additionally accept an UNKNOWN reset reason following the DAP reset? If not, is there a mechanism to skip the test given that it depends on functionality which the hardware does not support?

On a side note, could passing a different reset method to mbedgt (e.g -r pyocd) result in a different reset reason following the DAP reset?

I’d think you could get your issue opened either in Mbed or Mbed Tools if listed as a bug.

Does the issue prevent you from doing what is expected from documentation?