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Issue with ThisThread::sleep_for when used in main()

Here is the code:

// Blinking rate in milliseconds
#define BLINKING_RATE 500ms
DigitalOut led(P_LEDG);
DigitalOut hw_ledr(P_LEDR);

void blink()
led = 1;
led = 0;

int main()
Thread thread;
while (true) {
hw_ledr = 0;
// wait_us(500000);
hw_ledr = 1;
// wait_us(500000);

When compiled with ‘mbed compile’ using GCC compiler and run on LPC1768, this never returns from the first ThisThread::sleep_for(BLINKING_RATE); in main().

If I replace ThisThread::sleep_for(BLINKING_RATE); with wait_us(500000) in main() both leds flash as expected.

So ThisThread::sleep_for works in the blink() thread but not in main()
All the examples show Thread::sleep_for being used in main() - but for me it does not work!

Any ideas? what am I doing wrong?

Hello Andrew,

There are no P_LEDG, P_LEDR PinNames defined for the LPC1768.

  • After replacing P_LEDG with LED1 and P_LEDR with LED2
  • Adding
#include "mbed.h"
  • and compiling with GCC ARM compiler (make sure you use mbed-os 6),

both LEDs flash as expected on LPC1768.

A firmware update might help.

Thanks for your comment.

OK, my bad, I missed out the lines defining P_LEDG and P_LEDR - they are defined as port pins and there is, of course, #include “mbed.h” otherwise it wouldn’t compile!

#define P_LEDG P0_16
#define P_LEDR P2_8

I also missed out that this is our custom LPC1768 board. So there is no firmware to load - I am loading the output from compiling this code (the *.elf file) directly into the board using JTAG.

My observation is that


works fine when it is in the thread method.
But when it is used in main() it never returns. It’s almost like main() is not in a thread??

I originally started with the mbed-os-example-blinky and just modified for my led ports.

To have the LED1 in the main thread I replaced P_LEDR with LED1 and P_LEDG with LED2 and
it works also on these LPC1768 custom boards (with no firmware):