Lighttpd with MbedTLS

Is it possible to integrate Lighttpd with MbedTLS? WolfSSL provides the configuration file to build Lighttpd with WolfSSL. Lighttpd have provided a patch file to build LibreSSL with Lighttpd.

Has anyone tried building Lighttpd with MbedtTLS? Are there any specific configuration commands to pass in? This may well be a question for Lighttpd. I am going to post the question on Lighttpd’s forum as well.


Came across
Not sure if this is stable but something as a start.

Experimental pre-pre-alpha support for mbedTLS is now available in lighttpd on my (lighttpd developer) dev branch. Feedback appreciated. (Please submit feedback in the lighttpd Development forum

lighttpd 1.4.56 provides mod_mbedtls, a native module to use mbedTLS.

Note: lighttpd 1.4.56 supports OCSP stapling in other lighttpd TLS modules, such as mod_openssl. Unforunately, OCSP stapling is a major feature still missing from mbedTLS, so correspondingly, OCSP stapling is not available in lighttpd mod_mbedtls.