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Looking for example UART code for Nuvoton Numaker M263A

Hello, I have been using the web compiler to burn example projects to a Numaker M263A

I want to create a UART between an Ardiuno Uno and this board. Can someone please help get me started with the code?

I have been playing around with something like this for the Nuvoton board, but someone suggested it may be old:

// Create a DigitalOutput object to toggle an LED whenever data is received.
static DigitalOut led(LED1);

// Create a BufferedSerial object with a default baud rate.
static Serial serial_port(D0, D1);

int main(void)

if (serial_port.readable())//compilation error here {
    char data_rec =;// and here
    if (data_rec == '1') digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
    if (data_rec == '0') digitalWrite(led, LOW);


I want to use the Ardiuno Uno compatible extension connector.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I don’t understand why you start another topic for same thing instead of asking more specific questions.

I see nothing wrong except your comment what broke the syntax of braces {

Replace it with serial_port.getc();

Change to led = 1; and led = 0;

BR, Jan