LowPowerTicker MBED OS6 and NUCLEO F103RB

Why the program does not compile with LowPowerTicker?

Error: Unknown type name 'LowPowerTicker' in "main.cpp", Line: 8, Col: 1

I might be wrong but I belive LowPowerTicker was originally something unique to the SiLabs targets?
Perhaps OS6.2 has included it now, but maybe not for all targets?


The F103 needs a lot of GPIO setting (that’s to AnalogIn) to achieve real low power functions.
There’s more info here;

The moment you assign a GPIO to a function, use deep sleep mode (via Mbed OS or manually) then there will be a power trade off.

You may need to go more ‘Bare Metal’ to get really good low power.
I use the 103 in Bare Metal to achieve really low power projects where I need sub 10uA deepsleep.

The documentation doesn’t say anything about this.

LowPowerTicker is a common Mbed OS API. Many but not all targets support that.

@nikantovik Could you please tell us what target you are using? If you get this error with an Mbed OS official target, it’s most likely this particular target doesn’t support LowPowerTicker.
My bad, I didn’t notice the target in the title… So yes, NUCLEO_F103RB (and the STM32F1 family in Mbed OS) does not support LowPowerTicker.

See https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/blob/e127bb245e8c7e37561c3b0c92cb18f29d7d6a87/targets/targets.json#L1263-L1288

I understood it. It is not clear why the documentation does not say anything about this