LPC1768 using MbedOS6 with LocalFileSystem

Does MbedOS6 not support the LocalFileSystem on an LPC1768. We are trying to update our program to from OS2 to OS6 and the ConfigFile library does not seem to be working. We keep getting a Hard Falt any time we try to write to the file.

You may want to read the semihosting section on my doc page here: MCU Info Page: LPC1768 · mbed-ce/mbed-os Wiki · GitHub

So, adding the separate thread to keep it from going to sleep stopped the halt error, but the file never gets created. The examples are not very good for OS5/OS6. Is there an example somewhere that works that I can use to update our application?

Okay, I created a new example project for using LocalFileSystem with Mbed CE.

Testing it out, things seem to mostly work OK. But I do see something that might be the cause of your issue: files created by the Mbed application don’t show up from the host PC-side until I unplug and replug the board. Once I do, the files show up (but not any edits to them made after the board was connected). I’m not quite sure what’s up with that, it feels like it might be a limitation of the DAPLink firmware on the board.

If you run the project using the instructions in the readme, do you see the same behavior?

I do see the same behavior. I also see that if you do anything with a wait even though you have a background thread, it stops working. See Attached file.

(Attachment main.cpp is missing)

Attached is the screen shot of the code since the cpp file was rejected.