LVGL v7.x not working on F429 with mbed OS 6


First time poster here!

I’m trying to get LVGL v7 to run on an STM32F429 Discovery board but with no luck…
I’ve used a ported version of LVGL specifically for the 429 which works when flashing via STM CubeIDE, but when I try incorporate it with mbed in bare metal profile, it gets stuck and just displays some odd lines on the display. I have made one or two modifications to one of the files as it was redefining some LED pins and causing exceptions.

Here is a link to the project in tgz file.

Could someone guide or steer me in the right direction and help me get this working?


I don’t like to download some files from google drives. You can fork the projekt on github and create a branch with your modifications, that is much more transparent and changes are better visible.

Hi Jojo,

No worries. I’m not too savvy with Github, so I’ve tried my best to get all my files into this repo - it’s forked from LVGL and modified with my changes.