Mbed Cloud - Cannot get access

Hello to everyone,

Recently I requested access for the Mbed Cloud from my panel and through the Pelio Device Management portal but I have not received any response. Is there any way I can get in contact to receive any information about my request?

Thank you in advance.

Tasos, How long has it been since you requested access?


About one or 2 weeks, I’m not very sure about this.

what is the email u used to sign up. I can check backend activity to see if you were sent some kind of sign up link.

I use my Mbed account to sign into Mbed Cloud. Is it necessary to create a separate Pelion Device account? My sign up email is



can you try login again and use login with mbed.com and use your credentials. Please let us know if you see any kind of message like “unauthorized”

I signed in with my Mbed account to the portal.mbedcloud.comand and I still get “you are not authorized to access this service, access denied” message.

I have seen sometimes you get this error when you haven’t clicked the access link from the email that was sent to you. Does that apply to your case? Thanks

The reality is I have not been sended any email since my access request.

Unfortunately, I could not find your(aomtsatsa@gmail.com) email in the backend.
Can you give another try signing up - https://os.mbed.com/account/signup/.
If you can get some screenshots/steps leading up to any obstacles you encounter, it will be helpful for troubleshooting. Thanks

I’m so sorry for the misleading information, my Mbed account email is aomt@otenet.gr. I was signing up with my username and forgot that I signed with my other email.


Was there an access link email in this email? Let us know if you still have problems after signing up for access through https://os.mbed.com/account/signup/ with the correct email.


I must have confused you so, I’m going to give some content to be more accurate. I have already a.n account with this email on Mbed where I can login successfully. On the portal I have requested access as seen below:

Since the request, I have not been sended any email for getting access. I had also sent a request email through a request form on Pelion Device Portal (don’t actually remember the page url). So whenever I try to login into Pelion Device Account with my Mbed account I get the following screen:

So I believe the problem, as I understood from your answers, is that I have not received an access authorization link.

Excuse my bad explanation and thank you for your response.