MBED Examples Don't Work

I have been programming microcontrollers for more than a decade. I have used arduino and PIC for years and years with few real difficulties. I’ll admit that when Microchip went from MPLAB to MPLABX I had some concerns and problems, but they were normally covered by the documentation for the various compilers.

I have been continually disappointed by the mbed system. The documentation is messy and the examples that involve anything other than the absolute basics appear to rarely work. I have been trying now for 2 days to get the RTC on the Nucleo-F401RE to provide a 1 second interrupt. There are a few examples included in the mbed “documentation” for this peripheral, but none of them work. This is, as it appears, the authorized version of the documentation for the RTC, but the compiler complains and says that the member functions don’t exist. Well, that’s a real problem.

Really disappointing. Anyway. Just venting and probably going back to PIC.

Which examples?
Did you try the one embedded in the Ticker documentation?



without details like what you have tried - which examples, even code snippets what is not working we can’t help you much. It would be helpful to add details to add more value to the vent.

First, RTC api does not provide an interrupt (no alarm functionality, just write/read time). You might have tried to use ST drivers directly.

There are issues around documentations, you can help us improving it either by sending pull requests to the docs repo or stating what you do not like - and we can raise them as issues and fix easy ones immediately and the tougher ones later.