Mbed hexiwear fontsize

I am using the mbed compiler and programming hexiwear.
Use the strcpy function to display text on the screen. I want to increase the text size.
However, there is no way to increase the font size and display it on the screen even after searching.
Please tell me how to increase the font size.


I do not have this one, but Hexiwear OLED Display library contains preconfigured two fonts - Hexi_OLED_SSD1351 - Hexiwear OLED Display Driver | Mbed
The default one is 10x15 and you can set bigger one 12x18 with method SetFont(...), probably like this
dispObj.SetFont(OpenSans_12x18_Regular, COLOR_WHITE);
Alternatively - HEXIWEAR/SW/ResourceCollectionTool at master · MikroElektronika/HEXIWEAR (github.com)

BR, Jan

There’s no way to make it larger than 12x18. thank you

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