Mbed-http prerequisites

I’m using mbedTLS with lwip on an NXP i.MX RT MCU and need to download files from the cloud. Our architect told me I need an HTTP library to do this. Will mbed-http do this? What are the prerequisites for using mbed-http, or do I already have all that’s needed?

I should also note that I’m running FreeRTOS 10 and am not using MbedOS. mbedTLS is the only mbed component I have.

Hi @jeffthompsoninvue
I am not sure what you mean by mbed-http

Mbed TLS is a TLS library, and you will still need some library for your transport layer.

You could try using the HTTP Client, but it is part of Mbed OS.
You could configure Mbed TLS with any transport layer component you want.
I would suggest you read the following articles to get you started:

Mbed TLS Support

Thanks, Ron. It turns out that the version of mbedTLS i’m using (2.13.1), combined with LWIP and FreeRTOS, appears to have everything needed. I now have a different issue, but I’ll create a separate posting for that.