Mbed OS STM32H747 - memory profiling DRAM

Hello there,

I have developed an application in C++ compiled through Mbed CLI and GCC_ARM6, to be deployed to an STM32H747 microcontroller. Now I would like to evaluate the memory required to execute this application. At the end of the compilation process, the CLI provides the information reported in the picture, with which I can estimate the Flash and SRAM required, but what about the DRAM? Is the memory allocated dynamically in embedded systems? Or it is only used the SRAM?

Thank you.

Hello Mario,

  • Unfortunately, Mbed doesn’t have an SDRAM driver yet. Only the SRAM is used.

  • However, Mbed does not prevent us from using the HAL of the selected MCU (HAL function are included into the Mbed system software). So if you are familiar with it you can call the HAL functions to handle the SDRAM, if needed.