Mbed Simulator LoRaWAN example -- Where's the encoder?

Hi - I’m using the Mbed simulator for an IoT class I’m teaching and using the LoRaWAN simulation since we’re all remote and can’t get each student a gateway.

My question is regarding the encoding of data, I can’t find where in the code the sensor data is being encoded prior to transmission. I want to decode it once it reaches the TTN network, but I don’t know what decoder to use since I can’t find the encoder. Is it using CayenneLPP or something similar? Where do I find that in the GitHub project?

Also in the LoRaWAN main.cpp file there’s LoRaWANInterface.h included, but I cannot find that header file anywhere.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you!

Hi Maggie,

the Lorawan interface files can be found here: mbed-os/connectivity/lorawan/include/lorawan at master · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub