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Mbed Studio 1.4.2 compiled code does not run on MAX32630FTHR

Upgraded to Mbed Studio 1.4.2 yesterday and today i noticed that simply nothing runs on my MAX32630FTHR when compiled with ARMC6.16. This is one step worse than with Studio 1.4.1 (ARMC6.15) where only printf and friend functions became problematic.

Interestingly using the GCC compiler the same code just works as expected.
Not sure if upgrading ARMC has been tested properly.

Is anybody facing the same issue on any target?

I have been having this issue on 1.4.1 as well. Interestingly enough, you can keep making new projects, and at some point one of them will run. Once you’ve got one that works, just duplicate that one if you want a new working program. It’s a really stupid workaround, but using the GCC compiler is often not really an option because the .bin size at the end is much too big.

Wish I could do more to help, but it is what it is.

Thanks for the reply. It seems i could make my MAX32630FTHR function properly again with ARMC6.16 compiled code written in Mbed OS 6.15… I just forgot about a bug i reported earlier. After rolling back MAX3263x.sct file to that of OS 6.9 it seems the MAX32630FTHR works again as expected. Also printf and friends seem to be functional again, which was not the case prior ARMC6.16.

So i keep my fingers crossed and maybe i can revert back to ARMC at last.