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Mbed Studio / ST-Link/V2

Currently, MBed studio does not interface directly with the ST-Link for programming/debugging. Is there a reason for this and is it likely to be supported in the future?

Hi Tristan,

Which board are you using?

Some of ST boards are supported, I tried L475 iot board it works.

Is the program built with DEBUG profile?


I’d also like to see this. Currently of course it is simple and easy to build the binary and flash it to an STM32 using STM32 ST-Link Utility (or CubeProgrammer). However, you are unable to flash directly from within Mbed Studio and also therefore unable to use the debugger.

To clarify; using a development board, such as one of the Nucleo boards, you are able to do this from within Mbed Studio. As soon as you use a standalone ST-Link/V2 you’re unable to do so.

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I’m interpreting this as Mbed Studio support for the external ST-Link probe - is that correct?

If so, the good news is we are working on this at the moment. However, it’s something we’ve just started on.



Hi Joe,

This is indeed what I meant, obviously I can’t speak for @trism11. Great to hear that support is planned!


In a previous version, the ST Nucleo F429ZI was working. I could debug or deploy. In 0.7 it’s seems to have stopped working. It might be since I updated the firmware on my Nucleo board (not sure)

Hi Joe,

That’s it. Same dilemma @amitchone wanting to use it to directly flash and debug an STM32. Thank you for the work, good to see it developing.


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