Mbed TLS hardware acceleration for GCM on STM32F7

Within the targets directory for the mbed TLS feature I’ve found support for hardware acceleration that uses the STM32 Crypto and Hash peripherals (provided by STM32F7xx_HAL_Driver).
In my application this works fine.

While using the cipher suite TLS-ECDHE-ECDSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384, I was wondering why there is only a aes_alt.c implementation and not a gcm_alt.c implementation to support AES-GCM hardware acceleration by STM32 crypto peripheral.

Searching the code base for AES, I only found the AES-ECB and AES-CBC modes use the HW STM32 crypto.

See stm32f7xx_hal_cryp_ex.h that offers the following interfaces for AES-GCM support by HW:

Can performance benefits be expected by properly implementing a gcm_alt.c module the uses the STM32 crypto peripheral?
Is anyone already working or thinking about a gcm_alt implementation for STM32?

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