Mbed5-lorawan connect to Loriot

I am using mbed5-lorawan example tailored to my board (stm32l432kc nucleo+rfm95) which is able successfully connect to TTN network. I registered the node on Loriot network as well, but attempting to connect with ABP or OTA is unsuccesfull. I am now over with many msb-lsb combination on EUI-s, and device address without any success.
Is there any special setting in case of Loriot network that should be kept in mind? Does anyone has experiences with Loriot network LoraWan key settings?

Thanks in advance!

Is it possible to share you code that you used to connect you board (stm32l432kc nucleo+rfm95) with TTN network. I have tried all the different version of libraries etc, I can only able to see that the TTN server accepts my request but never to get confirmation to connect
“Joining abandoned: Radio failed to transmit”


Firmware is based on: mbed-os-example-mbed5-lorawan - This is an example application based on Mbed-OS L… | Mbed
Hardware configuration reflected in mbed_app.json file:

“config”: {
“lora-radio”: {
“help”: “Which radio to use (options: SX126X, SX1272, SX1276) – See config/ dir for example configs”,
“value”: “SX1276”
“main_stack_size”: { “value”: 1024 },

    "lora-spi-mosi":       { "value": "D11" },
    "lora-spi-miso":       { "value": "D12" },
    "lora-spi-sclk":       { "value": "D13" },
    "lora-cs":             { "value": "D10" },
    "lora-reset":          { "value": "D5" },
    "lora-dio0":           { "value": "D2" },
    "lora-dio1":           { "value": "D3" },
    "lora-dio2":           { "value": "D6" },
    "lora-dio3":           { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-dio4":           { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-dio5":           { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-rf-switch-ctl1": { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-rf-switch-ctl2": { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-txctl":          { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-rxctl":          { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-ant-switch":     { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-pwr-amp-ctl":    { "value": "NC" },
    "lora-tcxo":           { "value": "NC" }

Next “target_overrides:” for LoraWan specific settings, than next

    "NUCLEO-L432KC": {
        "lora-spi-mosi":       "D11",
        "lora-spi-miso":       "D12",
        "lora-spi-sclk":       "D13",
        "lora-cs":             "D10",
        "lora-reset":          "D5",
        "lora-dio0":           "D2",
        "lora-dio1":           "D3",
        "lora-dio2":           "D6",
        "lora-dio3":           "NC",
        "lora-dio4":           "NC",
        "lora-dio5":           "NC",
        "lora-rf-switch-ctl1": "NC",
        "lora-rf-switch-ctl2": "NC",
        "lora-txctl":          "NC",
        "lora-rxctl":          "NC",
        "lora-ant-switch":     "NC",
        "lora-pwr-amp-ctl":    "NC",
        "lora-tcxo":           "NC"

I did not make any changes in original code.