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Mbedstudio Erasing Flash Jlink

I have the latest mbed studio and working with the b-l45s51-iot01a discovery kit. Using the st link, I can programmed the device no problem. Using the segger j-link it hangs when erasing the flash.
I am working in the windows 10 , latest version of mbed studio 14.1, with all the tools are the latest version. I have check the tab for check for the latest and all is up to date.

Does anyone have clean solution for this issue.



I had similar issue also with the ST-link, after a few uses the ST-link remained hanging when erasing the flash memory. Only restart of PC solve the issue. Later I found when I will wait for 3-5min, then the erasing will be finished. Of course, this may not be your case.

Maybe you can look

BR, jan