mbedTLS example connect issue

I am running the mbedtls-test-example-tls-client and after running it on a real board(K64F) the connection is stuck at the Connecting to log message.

The source code line is : socket_error_t err = _stream.connect(_remoteAddr, _port, TCPStream::ConnectHandler_t(this, &HelloHTTPS::onConnect));

I assume it`s a local network configuration issue like a proxy setting.

Question: Is there any way to set a certain proxy server for the mbedTLS library ?

Here it is the log from the serial terminal :

16:26:54.508> {{timeout;120}}{{host_test_name;default}}{{description;mbed TLS example HTTPS client}}{{test_id;MBEDTLS_EX_HTTPS_CLIENT}}{{start}}Client IP Address is 10.x.y.z 16:26:54.508> Starting DNS lookup for developer.mbed.org 16:26:54.508> DNS Response Received: 16:26:54.508> developer.mbed.org: 16:26:54.508> Connecting to

Thanks, Vlad

I made some new tests and the example works fine on a network that requires no proxy configuration. So I have narrowed the fail cause, but I don`t know how to setup a proxy which must be used by the mbedTLS API in order to perform a successful TLS connection.

Any support would be appreciated.

As mentioned in the Debugging section of this example’s readme, if you have any problem you should first make sure the simple TCP client example in order to identify and solve problem that are not related to TLS specifically but to the underlying networking features, as I believe is the case here.

Can you please confirm if the TCP client example works for you?

Thanks for the info. I confirm that the TCP example is working fine. However on a network that requires a proxy, the example is blocked after resolving the DNS. Usually it shouldn`t be a problem for any common configured network.

I still have some questions : do you plan to have a build-able project for Keil using mbedTLS? I would like to add support for some crypto algorithm that is not currently available, but I would like to be able to debug in an friendly IDE.

I stumbled over your question and would like to point you to the mbed TLS software pack that is available in Keil. Here is the link where you find the mbed TLS pack: http://www.keil.com/dd2/pack/