MTB_MURATA_ABZ USB and Serial Support


Just started using mbed for the first time. Able to build an app and connect to The Things Network and send data via LoraWan (although the initial connection takes a few attempts) through a custom board…

The issue I’m having is compiling in support for USBSerial. After adding USBDEVICE to mbed_app.json I’m getting 7 errors, all in the area of USBPhy_STM32.cpp. e.g. “no member named ‘DIEPTXF0_HNPTXFSIZ’ in ‘USB_TypeDef’”. I’ve updated targets.json as my Murata module has a STM32L072 not an STM32L082.

Not convinced the ordinary UART serial is working either (does compile though) but will test further.

Any ideas on the USB_TypeDef compile errors? Has support for the Murata module been fully added?



I have the exact same problem. From what I understand, USBSerial is actually not supported
on STM32L0xx. There is someone from ST Microelectronics who seems to be working on this issue (see from
@jeromecoutant) but I have no idea wether a patch will be available soon or not.

Yes, I dug into the code and it’s not supported as yet. Was thinking of adding it myself if I can find the time inbetween development work for my clients (they come first before in-house projects). I think the STM32WL when it’s out for general release may put this further on the backburner.
Another option is to just put an equivalent Muratu system on a PCB but with an uprated STM32L4 that is fully supported. Cost is higher though but would be supported out of the box by MBED.