Multi-slave I2CSlave doesn't work


I am trying to run two I2C slaves on the same I2C bus. I have created two different I2CSlave instances for this.
When I set the first slave’s I2C address, it starts listening to new messages and it works fine. As soon as I set the second slave’s I2C address, the first one stops listening (it doesn’t generate interrupts on lower layers anymore). These are two different objects working on the same I2C lines.
I have tested this on a single-slave setup and it works fine.
I am running I2C at 400kHz using a STM32F7 with Mbed OS v5.13.4.
Does Mbed OS even support multi-slave setup for the I2CSlave class?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Arturo,

I2CSlave class does not have multi-slave support.