Multiple SPI BUS


I have connected three ECG sensor with MAX32630 using three different SPI pins. (SPI0, SPI1, SPI2)

Now I have to read data from all three ECG sensor parallel and sending to the nrf9160 using UART. So when I use all three SPI bus together I am receiving output from one sensor rest two sensor giving the garbage value.

Questions: can I use all three SPI BUS all together at time and get data from sensor?


according to board page

  • SPI0 is connected to microSD card
  • SPI1 is connected to XIP Flash

So that can be the reason. You can try to check board’s User Manual and try to find how work around, if it possible.

Anyway, why you use 3 SPIs? You can use one SPI for all 3 sensors.

BR, Jan


Thank you for your reply.

check the photo of circuit diagram. we have made customize board and interface MAX32631 with three sensor. (check above diagram)

Now why are we using the three different SPI pins because we want to collect the data from all three sensors for first 15 min. (all sensor needs to work parallelly - same time)

can this is possible with what circuit diagram we are considering ? or else can you suggest us to other method to meet the requirement.