Need help with MbedTLS and SMTP on bare bones system


I am working on a project using an LPC3250 ARM9 processor writing embedded C code on Keil v4. I have a bare bones system with no RTOS. My goal is to use MbedTLS to send a secure email from my device. Currently, I have a unsecured SMTP protocol, using port 25, working but does not implement SSL/TLS which is now becoming required for all emails. If anyone has created a secure SMTP protocol on a bare bones system without use of a RTOS, any advise would be appreciated. I am currently trying to implement MbedTLS bare bones on my system but don’t fully understand how to. Any advise would help on which files I need and how to adjust them to work with a bare bones system, thanks.

Hi @kamaln16
Thank you for your interest in Mbed TLS!

Mbed TLS is a lightweight, highly configurable library, which can and have been ported to numerous platforms and OS.
I suggest you look at the following articles to understand how to port and configure the library to fit your needs:

Of course, there could be other articles that may interest you as well. I suggest you look at the Knowledge Base to learn more.

In addition, Mbed TLS comes with a variety of sample applications, ssl_mail_client being one of them.
Regards, and thanks again for your interest,
Mbed TLS Team member