Network Interface panic when sending a lot of data

Hello, I am using Mbed on a Nucleo H743ZI2 to sample analog data and sent it to the server.
This project samples data by ADC1 and ADC2 running under DMA mode, triggered by timer 6 and 15. (The ADC, DMA and Timer are configured in HAL library) The device samples 1,000 times a second and send those data via UDP. (So this device send one UDP message a second). Every message was sent in an EventQueue (So there is no ISR problem). The device runs smoothly at about first 20-40 minutes, and then the ethernet interface halted with no error message produced from Mbed OS. (I guess it is the problem of Ethernet Interface, since every socket cannot send message at the same time, and the router cannot capture any packet since the time when problem occurred. ) After a manual reset, the device can run for another 30 minutes. The memory should be enough because I can still allocate space to a pointer.

Hi Ivean,

Could you have a slow memory leak somewhere ? It would be worth checking for this.