Not able to get multiple trigger from cloud POST method

I have created resource object in this way.

static M2MResource *wakeup_res = add_resource (&obj_list, 3336, 0, 5517, “Wakeup_Trigger”, M2MResourceInstance::STRING, M2MBase::GET_POST_ALLOWED, “0” , true, callback(&get_location));

As soon as i hit button on mbed cloud portal for this resource, I am able to get first trigger from the mbed Cloud.
on this my device wakeup, it will some work and after 12 sec giving data back to Cloud page.

i can see data is updated on cloud page.

now after 5 min if i want to the same procedure again, on the cloud page , I am getting following Error message: plz refer attachment.

The resource has returned error for this request : it may not accept chosen method or is not editable.

So my wakeup trigger is working only one time from CLoud page, I observed my mbed device is working normally.

Could you please reply ASAP.


I am Waiting for some update from mbed cloud team…

Ok, Just one more point to be added.

As soon as i got wakeup trigger, i have processed my data successfully, (approx 13 sec done), then I am updating parameter value for 336/0/5514 and 3336/0/5515 to the cloud.

observation: if my value is updated on cloud, then i can give one more Wake-up trigger, and cannot see above error.

but in case my values are not updated on cloud, then and then i am seeing above error from Snapshot (Image).

We are now checking the issue within our R&D team and and will have an answer for you soon.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention,
Best regards,

Arm Mbed Cloud support

I have few questions on your issue.

  1. Which version of Client are you using ?
  2. Is it on mbed-os , if yes, which version ?
  3. Are you using delayed POST method, because it looks like your execute operation takes pretty long time and you would need to send the response back to server for it to mark POST request to be complete. You also need to ensure that you are not processing the request in the same function context as it will block the response sending part of Cloud Client, hence resulting in request timeout on server side, which may be causing this issue.


Same happens with me, I was using MBED client on raspberry pi, i took example project from github.

Can you ensure you have the latest os and Client versions ans let us know which example project you are using and if you are using delayed POST method.
Thanks, mbed cloud support