Nucleo 144 ethernet spi conflict

I am using ethernet & SPI in a same project and faced the D11 issue.
The “” was of some help, but it contains innaccuracy. Here the correction I eventually found (Cf. the “target.”):

“target_overrides”: {
“NUCLEO_F767ZI”: {
“target.d11_configuration” : “PB_5”

If anybody knows how to update the wiki it would be great.

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you can ask @jeromecoutant from the ST team, he may be right one who can verified and updated that.

BR, Jan

Hi all

If you would like to use both SPI and Ethernet, don’t forget to change solder bridges on board:

remove SB121 and close SB122

Mmmm, question was, in fact, only on the wiki page :slight_smile:

Thx for having reported the issue, I corrected the page I think!

Hello jeromecoutant,

Do you know how to change the target.d11 configuration on stm32duino? Can I change any .h file??



Here is answer from my colleague: