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Nucleo-F411RE InterruptIn question

I am working with a Nucleo-F411RE and I would like to implement 6 external interrupts using Port B.

After reading two posts from the community:
#1. Where are the interrupt pins on NUCLEO-F411RE?
#2. Interrupt on Nucleo

I am a bit confused about how GPIO can be selected to use for external interrupts. According to post #2 I could use multiple pins from Port B but can’t be continuous. For example: PB_1, PB_3, PB_5, PB_7, PB_9, PB_11… Am I correct?

Or is it possible to select them continuously (PB_1, PB_ 2, PB_3, PB_4, PB_5, PB_6).

My purpose is to keep an schematic design as clean as possible but I understand that I need to adapt my wiring diagram according to the MCU architecture and pinout. So any help will be great!

If this is not the case, is there a way to understand better how to select the interrupt pins ?