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Nucleo Pinout CSV availability

The platform page for Nucleo H743ZI2 has well made pinout diagrams, apparently made with GenPinoutSVG, but I can’t find their CSV source files in the mbedOS git repositories, and had to write my own CSV for documenting some nucleo connections in a testing setup. It would be very helpful if these CSV source files were published so others can adapt them for documenting their own firmware that runs on devkits, or copy formatting for their custom hardware pinout documentation.

ST has open sourced their pin data:

Using CubeMX command line, you can generate the csv you need quite easily using the ioc file.

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Thanks, I didn’t know this, but the git pin data files and those CubeMX-emitted files aren’t GenPinoutSVG CSV files. They’re generic CSV files, if they are to some standard, it’s not one I know. Somebody at mbed clearly went through the trouble of converting these to Nucleo pinouts, and GenPinoutSVG CSVs and either didn’t publish them or link to them.

Can you show me an example of the kind of CSV you need and the output you’re looking for with GenPinoutSVG?

The mbed page has PNG outputs of the generator, and the generator repository has a readme with the format, an example input in ESP32-MAXIO.csv and output in ESP32-MAXIO.svg

The Nucleo ones’ seem to be hand made (or close to it) by ST.

Based on the examples you shared, they don’t look like they’re made by the same tool.

Also, the images are not at all related to mbed, they are made by ST and you can find them on their packages.

You seem to be right about it being done with a different tool.
I did google reverse image search to the pinouts and only found instances on the mbedOS wiki, and in the Zephyr docs. They don’t seem to have been made by Zephyr contributors, since other boards don’t have those. What packages did you mean? I didn’t find any in the CubeMX firmware packages either

I meant the product packaging. Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: