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Peer to Peer dataexchange with X-NUCLEO_NFC05A1

Dear MBED-community,
I would need your help and advices to our new project, that applies NFC communication, and would transfer a quite large amount of data (kB sizes). I am using ST25R3911B, and for development, I have two X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1, that I am planning to use for peer to peer communication.I have found a demo code for this application, but I have stucked at a point. I have created p2p connection between the two devices. The P2P LEDS are on, but I can’t send data, so i have two listener. I am using NFC-DEP protocol, I have read that this is the appropriate method for p2p communication. I have an example code, found in ST community page ( and I see the Transive-functions (demoNfcDepBlockingTxRx) that I would have to use for this, but I could not find any information about configuring one of the nfc dev boards to be transceiver (rfalNfcDepStartTransceive). After configuring the device to be a transceiver, which function should I use for sending data? Can you give me some documentations or example code for p2p data sending?For managing the communication processes, I am using nucleo-L476RG dev. board for both side.