Polarssl renegotiate

I want to use ssl_renegotiate in order to make server start renegotiate with client, Is it possiable to use this method in the previous polarssl? if it is possiable, can show me some demo code about server side?

Hi @hanghung,
Thank you for your query!
Please note that polarssl API is not supported anymore, and you should update to Mbed TLS supported release.

If you look at the ssl_server2 example, you will see example how to support renegotiation, in addition to configuring MBEDTLS_SSL_RENEGOTIATION.
If this definition is configured, and you have enabled renegotiation in your ssl_conf, using mbedtls_ssl_conf_renegotiation(), then the server should support renegotiating with a client that sent a renegotiation request.
In addition, this example also shows how a server can start a renegotiation request.
I hope this answers your question.
Mbed TLS Team member