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Porting application from FRDM-KL25z onto custom hardware using MBED-OS

Hello All,

I am not very experienced software/firmware engineer, but i have somehow managed to achieve LOTS of progress with the FRDM-KL25Z board including nice USB-HID communication using C# programming language.

Now i am trying to start developing more tangible products with small Footprint and cost effective BOM, but i would LOVE to leverage all the code and knowledge i have on the KL25Z board. but i don’t seem to find a lot of information on how to migrate code from the FRDM-Board into a real application hardware.

Further more, i do have an interesting question about the portability of the Code and libraries from the KL25Z MCU on the Freedom board into a smaller version of the device since i will not need a bunch of peripherals for my applications. Would this be possible and is there some kind of document that help understand how the libraries are generated and how to tweak them to talk to the right peripherals in the new MCU?

I have mostly worked with the online compiler (it is beautifully dummy proof ) but i would be willing to move into the downloaded development platform if needed. hopefully the learning curve is not to bad.

Any Ideas with this topic would be GREATLY appreciated.