Power consumption reduction STM32l031k6

Hi Guys,

I got the NUCLEO-STM32L031K6 board to develop a very low power application. Every 10 seconds I measure the voltage and current (analog signals) and workout the duty cycle of a PWM signal that controls the state of a MOSFET switch. The period of the PWM signal is 10khz and I want a resolution of at least 0.01 for the duty cycle. When I set the clock frequency to 1 Mhz the current consumption is around 600 uA. The thing is that I cannot use the sleep or low power mode cause the PWM signal has to be on all the time and the clock freq has to be 1 Mhz at least. Is it possible to turn off the ADC while not in use to save energy? any other actions I can take to reduce power please?
Thank you very much