Printf() not working

Quite recently, I noticed printf() function not working, Cannot print anything to the console (9600 bps).

  • Platform: LPC1768
  • Mbed studio 1.4.5
  • Library mbed-os 6.17.0

Anyone experienced the same ? Appreciate any comments/advise.

Hi @Glennon,

Thank you for your report. I can create a basic Blinky program linked to mbed-os 6.17 and flash it to an LCP1768 with some printf output appearing in my serial tab (Note however that I’m using the updated firmware for the board found here: New beta firmware for LPC1768).

Can you confirm you’re on such a version? It’d also be helpful to see the exact code you’re flashing and what operating system you’re running Mbed Studio on.

Carey - Studio Team

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Hi Carey,

I have installed the new beta firmware. The printf() function is now working !
Thank you.

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