Problem with even comunication 8e1

I try sending “Hello world” to a PC and I receive “HY[ë×o¹y>ñ”

This is the program
#include “mbed.h”

Serial finger(PTE0, PTE1);
int main() {
finger.format(8, SerialBase::Even, 1);
finger.printf(“Hello Words\n”);
I’m usisng Docklight as a terminal, well configurated baud and format.
The same problem with Odd communication, I only receive trash.
Please advise I need it so hard.


Hi Enrique,

Have you tried using the basic SerialBase::None ?
And maybe try using different baudrate like 115200?

Which platform are you using?


The problem that the device I want to comunicate only accepts 8e1.
8n1 works with no problem with the pc.
The device is a fingerprint sensor and there is no way to change the Firmat 8e1. I know is a extrange but I need 8e1. :slight_smile:

Could you provide information of the board you are using? It would be more relevant to the low level driver code, so which target you are using matters.