Problems printing to 1602 LCD via library

Through one of the posts (Is there any TextLCD program directly work on mbed studio(mbed-os 6.6 )) on this forum I found an mbed OS6 LCD library made by @sstaub.

But when I run his test code found on the github the screen just remains blank but on the “NUCLEO-F446RE” tab in the mbed studio these symbols show up ���x everytime i restart the Nucleo.
I did set the pin exactly how they are connect to the Nucleo.

LCD lcd(D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, LCD16x2);

The exact same thing happens when i try running the HD44780 Text LCD | Mbed library.

I dont think its due to wiring or a screen malfunction because when I connect it to an Arduino and run their test code, everything works just perfectly.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?


I do not know your whole code, but pins D0, D1 and D3 from CN5 header are connected to ST-link for STDIO output (debug printf, MbedOS crash report)- NUCLEO-F446RE | Mbed

Try change pin D1 to another one, D8 or else.

BR, Jan

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