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Reducing Size of the release version of the bin file that is generated using MBED CLI

We are planning to begin preparing our custom firmware built and compiled using mbed-cli to be transferred over the air or rather implement the FOTA transfer over BLE or LORA depending on what our custom board supports. Currently including the mbed-os, additional library we use for lora communication + custom code adds up to 320kb in release version of the mbed os build.

basically we use the following mbed cli command, while generating the release version of the build.

mbed compile --profile mbed-os/tools/profiles/release.json

I was wondering if there is any other way to reduce the size of the binary and there seems to be tools in the arm GCC compiler such as “arm-none-eabi-strip”, which could help strip any debug symbols or other symbols away to reduce the size of the object code that is generated. However I wanted some guidance if there is a better way using the mbed-cli or arm mbed tools to further shrink the size of the resulting bin file.