Regarding Entropy

Hi Team,

I am new to mbedTLS and interested to use mbedTLS library in our product running ThreadX OS (version 5.4). I read some documents and also gone through the code. Successfully ran client and server application on windows side.

I have question related to Entropy. In one of the document, I read if we disable entropy then connection is not secure i.e. entropy must be enabled. However, entropy is supported only in windows and unix platform so how can i implement secure connection (TLS 1.2) using mbedtls library in ThreadX platform where entropy is not supported?

Please correct my understanding related to entropy if it is wrong.

Also it will be useful if sample example is provided.

Thank you,

Hi @tkurhade
Mbed TLS has a default implementation for Windows and Linux platform entropy gathering.
However, you can add your own implementation of entropy collection using your platform’s entropy source. Your callback should be set through mbedtls_entropy_add_source().
I would suggest you read this article for more information.
Mbed TLS Support