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Sleep mode in Mbed

Most of the microcontroler available on the marketplace are able to bring peripheral to sleep mode but this feature is missing in mbed OS.
A “goToSleepMode()” and "abortSleepMode()"will be a good tools in order to work on power efficiency (witch makes sens with technological behavior) and doesn’t need too tough work to be created as almost all microcontroler support those features.
Thanks a lot for reading this.

Hello Haarkon,

Good suggestion! However, in Mbed OS the sleep mode is the default one. It means if the target microcontroller supports sleep or deep sleep mode then it will use it. In case you need to improve the system response to external or other interrupts at the cost of higher power consumption you can do it by turning the sleep or deep-sleep mode off using the DeepSleepLock. For more info have a look at the Power management.

Thanks a lot, I’m going to watch this.