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Static memory instead of the heap

Hello Everybody,

I started to work with mbedtls around two month ago so I am quite new in this area. I could sucessfully implement a http(s) client application on stmf7 microcontroller using lwip and mbedtls based on the examples provided in

The main difference between my application and the example in the Cube sw packet is that I don’t use FreeRTOS! Instead I use RAW-API of the lwip.

The client application works well with this example server:
I could send POST messages to the server and I got the answers from it.

I measured the memory consumption of the mbedtls which seems to me the following:
appr. 12 kByte static RAM
appr. 45 kByte dynamic RAM
These numbers are perfectly acceptable for me. At the moment I do not want to reduce memory consumption.

I am interested in avoiding using dynamic RAM so I want to use static memory instead of heap. I have found some discussions related to this topic but I could not find the solution which works for me.
Mainly I worked based on this article:

I think I’ve done everything exactly as it is written in this article but I got compilation error which says that the mbedtls_calloc() function is unknown.

This article speaks about overloading this mbedtls_calloc() function but does not provide any example for how to do this:

Could anybody show me some examples for overloading mbedtls_calloc()? At all do I really need to overload mbedtls_calloc() function?

Thanks for any reply in advance:
Simon Kószó

Hi Simon,
While using static memory, have you consider using threading? If yes, How did you handle it?

Hi Shariful,

I do not use any operation system in my program and the task scheduler did not contain such funcionality. I have not considered using threading yet. I do not really understand how does it come into the picture? How does the timing and scheduling belongs to the memory handling?