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Std::string in struct call Rtos Mutex Error

Hello. I have a problem with simple code:

class InternalMemory : public FlashIAPBlockDevice
    struct Settings
        bool isDHCP;
        std::string ip;
        std::string netmask;
        std::string gateway;
        std::string label;
Settings *settings;

InternalMemory::InternalMemory(uint32_t address, uint32_t size) : FlashIAPBlockDevice(address, size)
    auto settings = new Settings ();
   //next line - ok
    settings->isDHCP = false;
   //Next line call  MbedOS Error
    settings->ip = "";

    auto memory = new InternalMemory(ADDRESS, SIZE);

Error out:

++ MbedOS Error Info ++

Error Status: 0x80010133 Code: 307 Module: 1

Error Message: Mutex: 0x2000746C, Not allowed in ISR context

Location: 0x8024E65

Error Value: 0x2000746C

Current Thread: main Id: 0x20005588 Entry: 0x8024D2F StackSize: 0x1000 StackMem: 0x20006438 SP: 0x2002FE40

For more info, visit:

-- MbedOS Error Info --

I don’t understand, why calling Rtos Mutex Error?

HI @MasterLufier
I have tried running your code on my K64F board, and didn’t get an issue.
As for your question about Mutex, even if you specifically don’t use a Mutex, mutexes are used within the system.
For example, when you allocate the settings structure, __rtos_malloc_lock() will be be called, and your interrupts are probably enabled.
As shown in
The interupts can be disabled by these calls for example check bellow, but this will not help you because of mutex…

#### Disable/Enable Interupts
 // do something magic

Mbed Support

I change my struct to:

struct Settings
        bool isDHCP{};
        char ip[16];
        char netmask[16];
        char gateway[16];
        char label[30];

and it’s work correctly. It doesn’t convenient, but it works. Thanx.

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