Step by step with BluePill and Keil Studio in line

Hello, it is possible to do step by step (debug) on KeilStudio online using an STM card type “BluePill” or “BlackPill”. (the interests of this type of card are price, size and availability)
I can write the code on KeilStudio online (by choosing a close processor (Nucleo F103) and then program the board using a programmer of type STLink V2 in (but using an external program).
It is however possible to use the programmer of a Nucleo card to “drag and drop” but I do not have the possibility to do step by step.

Until now, I programmed and debugged FRDM K64F cards and all this was done simply (the problem is the price and availability of the cards).

Thank you for your help (or answer).


we have already Blackpill F411CE in MbedCE but it is not possible to use it with KeilStudio

With classic Mbed you can look here - Bluepill board support for Mbed OS 6 - Custom and community boards - Arm Mbed OS support forum

For Drag&Drop you have to connect VDD_target pin of ST-link to VDD of your MCU (3v3 on SWD header of Blackpill or Bluepill).

BR, Jan

Hmm, very interesting info is here - Keil Studio Cloud: Can I create custom targets? (

BR, Jan