STM32 nucleo L073RZ bad time counting

Hi all,
I’m using an STM32 nucleo board, model L073RZ and I’m programming it with mbedOS using the “bare metal” profile + some additional drivers. This is fine since my application is not so timely critic, and for the same reasons I was using the LowPower Timers and Tickers.
However, when debugging it with my computer, I found out that the board was counting the time 30 times more slowly then intended (that means for example that instead of waiting for 1sec, it was waiting 30sec instead).

This problem was solved using the standard (High power/high resolution) timer and tickers and/or by locking out the deep sleep state (I modify the code at the same time, so I’m not sure which of the two possible solutions really solved the problem) but I’m still experiencing the same problem with the “sleepFor” command.

Now, ok that my application does not depend so much on the real time, but an error of the 3000% is really too much. Any idea about how to solve this problem?

I think it may be related to the clock multipliers (you can change them using the STMicroelectronics CubeMX software, but I haven’t used it and I neither know how to use it properly). Can someone confirm or suggest other possibilities?

Thanks in advance,