Stm32f446re with SIM900

hi i’m using a costumized hardware ( stm32f446re with sim900) and i’m trying to read and send data using the AT commands
i’ve problem to use this library in my code( which i found here)
GSM - A library for the SIM900 module to enable calling… | Mbed


without details we can not help you.

  • So what is the problem?
  • What is your MbedOS version?

BR, Jan

If you are familiar with AT commands of this device, then you can also use ATCmdParser API. That allow you direct control via AT commands without additional library - ATCmdParser - API references and tutorials | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

For the library from above will be Mbed OS 5.15.9 recommended, because the library is based on an old Serial API what is not included in MbedOS anymore (was splited to two APIs Buffered and UnbufferedSerial).

BR, Jan