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TCP/IP Server with LPC4088

Hello there,

i have an EA LPC4088 QuickStart Board with a working cpp program.
Now I want to integrate a TCP/IP-Server. I tried lwip and the EthernetInterface from mbed, but nothing is working. lwip seems to not work in cpp and the EthernetInterface isn’t working for the 4088.
Can anyone help me with another TCP/IP-Stack or an example that works with the LPC4088?
Or does anyone know why it doesn’t work with the LPC4088 in cpp?

Thanks in advance!


according to board’s page what you post above and this page Development boards | Mbed, the last support was on MbedOS 5.4

I do not know what version of MbedOS you run but the branch mbed-os-5.15 · ARMmbed/mbed-os ( still contain LPC4088 but I have no Idea if it wil works.

As example maybe can be used this old question
How to correct TCPServer and accept is depreciated - Question | Mbed

Documentation of TCPSocket - APIs | Mbed OS 5 Documentation

GL & BR, Jan


I used the same hardware and implemented a very rudimentary http server, but in order to use the library I selected in the code repository (mbed-http - HTTP and HTTPS library for Mbed OS 5 | Mbed) it was necessary to limit the MbedOS to 5 (5.16.x worked fine for me).