The TODO comment in mbedtls_ssl_read() - Interesting but not sure what to do

There is a TODO list in mbedtls_ssl_read source code, which states:

 * The logic should be streamlined here:
 * Instead of
 * - Manually checking whether ssl->in_offt is NULL
 * - Fetching a new record if yes
 * - Setting ssl->in_offt if one finds an application record
 * - Resetting keep_current_message after handling the application data
 * one should
 * - Adapt read_record to set ssl->in_offt automatically
 *   when a new application data record is processed.
 * - Always call mbedtls_ssl_read_record here.
 * This way, the logic of ssl_read would be much clearer:
 * (1) Always call record layer and see what kind of record is on
 *     and have it ready for consumption (in particular, in_offt
 *     properly set for application data records).
 * (2) If it's application data (either freshly fetched
 *     or something already being partially processed),
 *     serve the read request from it.
 * (3) If it's something different from application data,
 *     handle it accordingly, e.g. potentially start a
 *     renegotiation.
 * This will also remove the need to manually reset
 * ssl->keep_current_message = 0 below.

I can definitely use some improvements on this function. Right now it seems the call needs a lot of bytes to be accumulated in my receive buffer before the TLS layer starts reading SSL records. This behavior forces me to increase the size of my receive buffer significantly.

Any comments on those TODOs?