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The VCC of theTL062CD OP- Amp

Hello, amazing people!
I have a small question about TL062CD
Can the VCC of the TL062CD op-amp be powered by plus or minus 5v? Will it be small? It seems not to be said in on datasheet. This is the datasheet about it:TL062CD OP-AMP: Datasheet, Schematic, Typical Application
If I lost something detailed.
Good listening!

Hello Guo,

According to this TL06xx datasheet +/-5V is the minimum recommended power supply voltage:

The short answer in case you are really new to this is that you need both plus and minus voltages and 0v (ground).

Both + and - voltages need to be the same magnitude in the range 5 - 15V, it won’t work well if you have +5V and -10V (for example). There is a typical circuit on p16 of the datasheet linked by Mr Hudak:
Hope it helps.

OK, Thank you!

Hi, Chris!
Thank you, I think I got it!