Thoughts on MBED OS just let me know yours too?

Currently I am working on an embedded system using an STM32F7 part, running on bare metal with no OS. I’m thinking of using MBED OS. It has a ton of features and middleware options that I could use (Ethernet/TCP/X.509). There are a lot of posts here saying that it is focused more for hobbyist use, but looking at their documentation it seems like its pretty commercial ready.

Has anyone here actually used MBED OS and have some thoughts on it?

I wouldn’t agree that Mbed is for hobbyist.
While you can easily start here as I did some time ago, some advanced functions need more ‘steering’ compared to Arduino for instance.

I have used both full MBED-OS and BareMetal (without RTOS).
Further details here:

I prefer to use Mbed Studio IDE rather than on line, the re-compiles are much faster and you have full access to the Mbed libraries to make minor changes to suit your needs.

OS version 6.6 is now working for me using the F767 and H743 platforms.
I use Ethernet, WIFI, TCP, TLS and Watchdog, sometimes altogether on one platform.
(Had some ‘one-wire’ serial timing issues that seem to have gone away since the latest release)

I would suggest you give it a try.

I got it this time,.