Timeout waiting for gdb to start

Hi, I have started my project with Numaker-IoT-M487. When I start to debug, I always get the error message “Timeout waiting for gdb to start”. Please guide me to fix this issue.

Hi @ettiksoft,

Mbed Studio uses pyOCD to provide debug functionality. That target unfortunately is not natively supported in pyOCD (pyOCD/board_ids.py at b8a4a3a7a579b757e3af712226878f10189513f8 · pyocd/pyOCD · GitHub). We are using CMSIS-Packs to provide support for it (CMSIS | CMSIS Packs – Arm Developer). It is however possible that even with packs this target can’t be debugged correctly. Would you mind retrying it in Mbed Studio 1.4.0? It has been released 2 days ago. It has the latest pyOCD and cmsis-packs versions.

Arek - Studio team