Unable to update DAPLink

Hi All,

I am currently trying to update the version of DAPLink on my Seeedstudio Arch Pro (SAP). I have had no end of problems with it and Windows 10, which i believe is to do with the USB Mass Storage Device bootloader and the way Windows 10 handles USB. I believe that the current versions of DAPLink should sort this, however, I have a strange problem. All the .Bin files for DAPLink I can find for the SAP are 60KB, however, when I attach the SAP in debug mode (connect while holding the button down) I am presented with a drive called “MBED_LOADER” that is only 46KB in size. As such, understandably, I cannot copy any update files across to it, as they are 16KB too large. Can anyone suggest what might be the problem here and how to resolve this? 46KB seems to be a very strange size!

Many thanks